Womens Prices

Womens prices

Ears/ Toes/ Areolas/ Fingers/ Upper Lip/ Unibrow 25€ (x min 6) = 150€

Navel Belly Line/ Chin 30€ (x min 6) = 180€

Side Face 35€ (x min 6) = 210€

Full Belly/ Lower Back/ Half Arms 45€ (x min 6) =270€

Underarms/Standard Bikini 50€ (x min 6) = 300€

Full Arms/Full Back/ Bum Cheeks 60€ (x min 6) 360€

Hollywood or Brazilian Strip, Lower Face inc Side Face, Chin and Upper Lip, 70€ (x min 6) =420€

Upper or Lower Legs 70€ (x min 8) = 560€

Full Legs 110€ (x min 8) =880€

Full Body Prices can be discussed on Consultation

Prices can vary depending on how many more sessions you will need after the minimum sessions required, there is always a minimum of sessions but every individual client’s hair growth is different and grows differently. This is mainly due to:

• Skin sensitivity
• Degree of tolerance caused by the laser
• Type of melanin and how much melanin is in the hair and skin
• The depth of hair location
• Gender
• Hormonal Imbalances
• Medical

Pay for your minimum cycle of treatment up front and get your first top up session for free !!


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