Mens Prices

Male Price List

Unibrow/ Ears, 20€ (x min 6) =120€

Back of Neck/Front of Neck 35€ (x min 6) =210€

Upper Chest/ Abs/ Lower Back 45€ (x min 8) = 360€

Underarms 50€ (x min 8) = 400€

Upper Back and shoulders/ Beard and Sides 60€ (x min 8) =480€

Upper /Lower Legs 80€ (x min 8) =640€

Full Chest and Abs/ Full Back 140€ (x min 8) = 1120€

Full Legs 150€ (x min 8) =1200€

Full body prices can be discussed on consultation

Men who have laser hair removal will need more sessions then woman and more top ups this is because hairs are located deeper in males and the dermis is usually thicker.

Prices may vary due the requirement of more sessions needed due to hair density, amount of melanin and growth

Pay for your minimum cycle of treatment up front and get your first top up session for free !!

This method is suitable for all skin Types, our laser will destroy the hair follicle over a period of a minimum 6-12 sessions depending on male or female


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