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How many laser hair removal treatments do you need?

This Varies from person to person, but the minimum we would recommend per treatment area is 6 and then single (top up) treatments after that for more stubborn and denser areas. The majority of our clients see permanent results in 6.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Most of our clients say the treatments are painless, however there can be some slight discomfort when treating more sensitive areas. Of course, everyone’s tolerance  is different.

How long does laser hair removal treatments take?

Most treatment areas take between 15-30mins; however, full body & packages can take up to 2 hours.

Is laser hair removal available for men?

Yes. We treat both Men and Women. In fact, half the clients we treat are men.

Can I have Laser hair removal if I have black or brown skin?

Yes, the technology we use is one of the best lasers on the market for hair removal, this enables us to safely treat any skin type with the same permanent results.

How permanent is laser hair removal?

Once it’s gone its gone! The laser kills hair in the growing phase of the hair cycle permanently, however, some hairs may not be in the correct phase during the 6-treatment cycle, so they will need to be targeted after. These are called top ups.

What lasers do you use?

There are many varieties of lasers out there, some new some old, all claiming to do the same thing, however, do not always listen to the sales jargon, as results & prices can differ tremendously. when selecting our laser, we wanted maximum performance with a proven track record and that’s we chose Cynosure’s Elite+. The Elite+ has a track record second to none. Combining both 755 Alexandrite and 1064 ND Yag lasers, it enables us to treat every skin type that walks through the door. It has been on the market for a long time and still has a reputation of being the Gold standard in the industry. Although, on the face of it, other brands have similar laser technology within their machines, it’s the build quality that separates Cynosure’s Elite+ from the rest. This is where a lot of people go wrong, as lasers get older, they start to produce less power therefore results start to drop off, but the price doesn’t. What this means for us practitioners, is that whilst using the Elite+ we can be confident that results 10 years down the line will be the same as they are now, Permanent!

Does laser hair removal assist with reducing ingrown hairs?

Yes. May of our clients see a huge reduction in ingrown hairs as early as the first treatment.

Does hair grow back thicker after laser hair removal?

No, in fact quite the opposite. You will find that the hairs will grow back finer.

Is it worth it?

All of our clients report back with the same view, yes! It saves time and money, less irritation from ingrown hairs and kiss goodbye to shaving rash and stubble.

Can I have laser hair removal if I’m breastfeeding?

You can have laser hair removal whilst breastfeeding, the only area we don’t advise treatment on is around the nipple area, however all other body areas are fine to treat.

Can I have laser hair removal if I have keloid scars?

If you have keloid scars, or a predisposition to keloid scarring, we would assess the areas to be treated on a case by case basis. Keloid scars are a type of a scar that could be either red of purely white as a normal scar. This type of scar extends the original size of the wound, meaning that it expands the size of the injury.

Is there any recovery time needed after laser hair removal treatments?

You may experience some reddening of the skin around where the hair used to be, which means the treatment was successful. This could last from a few minutes to 24 or 48 hours. For two days after each treatment, avoid exposure to the sun and avoid heat. This means do not have hot bath/showers, use the gym, saunas, steam rooms etc.

Can I have laser hair removal after receiving treatment for cancer?

If it is under a year since you have been all clear, you cannot have laser hair removal. If you have been clear for one to three years, you will need a letter from your specialist. Unfortunately, if you have had any lymph nodes removed from under your arms or breasts, you can’t have laser hair removal under your arms, even if you are all clear.


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